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Advanced Certificate In Private Catering

This is our advanced, 1:1 coaching program. Discover the essential foundations and shortcuts that propel aspiring chefs into the thriving world of private chefs, bypassing traditional culinary institutes.

Save yourself a fortune in training fees and get out of the door earning with your own freelance business, in record time.


Ultimate Home Cooking Upgrade

Elevate your culinary skills and confidence in your own kitchen.

Learn the foundation principles of cookery, impress your dinner guests with interesting new dishes, and diverse cuisines, and learn to organise yourself and your kitchen like a pro.

Finally, become the cook you've always wanted to be.


Professional Marketing for Private Chefs

Already a chef? Get noticed ahead of the pack and elevate your CV to the top of the pile.

Start growing a professional portfolio and get rehired so your diary fills itself on autopilot.

Let us build you a professional website and email solution for a fraction of what marketing agencies charge.


Duke of Edinburgh Skills for Young Chefs

Enhance your culinary skills on a weekly basis, with programs spanning three, six, or twelve months.

Build a strong kitchen foundation and earn your DoE certification at the bronze, silver, or gold level.

Available from November 2023!

Secure your spot at the introductory price of €125 now!


Keep Heading East

Global Food Series

Explore a 33-part video series that immerses you in global food cultures.

Download a FREE cookbook with recipes from each stop on this culinary tour.

Embark on a worldwide gastronomic adventure from home, perfect for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs.


Five Days To Five-Star Knife Skills

30 minutes of practice per day over 5 days.

This entry-level course is perfect for anyone who wants to speed up their prep work and stop cutting themselves!

Prepare one dish from the cookbook each day to progressively hone your knife skills in just one week.

Elevate your culinary skills and confidence in your own kitchen:

Private Chef Academy's Cookbook Collection


The YSE Cookery School Recipe Collection

Master the art of cooking like a professional chef from any kitchen.

This cookbook complements all Private Chef Academy courses.

Its 300-colour pages include over 100 QR codes linking you directly to the video recipe demonstrations we use to train our students.


Keep Heading East Video Series Cookbook

Explore a 33-part series that immerses you in global food cultures.

The accompanying book to our worldwide gastronomic adventure is available in the physical form.

Each stop on the tour has a recipe or two to get your adventurous juices flowing. QR code links take you to the lesson.


Private Chef's Little Black Book

Culinary success begins with smart planning.

This annual planner is the ultimate hack to ensure you stay on track and on time each and every time you enter the kitchen.

Manage your time and workflow like a pro.

Build culinary skills and confidence at all levels:

Insights from Our Alumni Who Have Become Professional Chefs

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Take a peek into our kitchen at the equipment we use and recommend.

Stop wasting money on gadgets! Pick up the gear you need, and leave the gimmicks on the shelf for someone else.

  • The best knives for the job
  • Our favourite blenders
  • Mixers and pasta machines
  • Other essential equipment

Head Tutor and Mentor:

Murray Slinn

With over 25 years of experience working with kitchens across six continents and teaching cookery for 15 years, Murray's CV is crammed full of cooking and travelling adventures.

Murray's culinary expertise has taken him from renowned restaurants to freelancing in various industry sectors, including small private cruise lines, private yachts, boutique hotels, private villas, and luxury chalets. His clientele has included supermodels, Hollywood actors, and celebrity chefs, further showcasing the calibre of his culinary skills.

As a seasoned culinary instructor, he has had the privilege of mentoring and guiding over 1000 students, helping them unlock their creative potential and develop a deep understanding of the culinary arts. His patient and inspiring approach in the classroom has left an indelible mark on the lives and careers of aspiring chefs.

During the winter months, Murray takes on the role of managing a prominent hotel for YSE Ski, overseeing a team of 20 exceptional chalet chefs. In this capacity, he is responsible for their training and performance evaluation, ensuring that the highest standards of culinary excellence are maintained.

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